Actress: Mistress Lola. Title and Studio: This Is How You Keep Your Husband In Line Madam Director

Actress: Mistress Lola. Title and Studio: This Is How You Keep Your Husband In Line Madam Director

My husband’s behavior has been just terrible lately. Today, for example, I found a fork in the sink. He knows how I HATE it when he leaves dishes in the sink! I mean, but it isn’t really just about the fork. It’s about his general inattentiveness and thoughtlessness. The fork was an oversight, a prime example of his behavioral pattern of not trying hard enough. I feel like I’m not getting 100 percent from him. As a wife, I deserve 100 percent from my husband. When he doesn’t give our relationship his all, it makes me feel like he doesn’t really love me. I do not deserve to feel unloved. I need for him to try harder for our marriage.

He is an excellent provider for me financially. So, even though his penis is inadequate, I do want the marriage to work. But for this marriage to work, I need to keep him in line. I decide to punish him, just like how I punish the little ones. I’m going to take him right over my knee, and give my husband a good, hard spanking. As I strip off my husband’s clothes, he protests that he is an adult. I tell him that he doesn’t act like one and continue to undress him for his punishment.

I pull down my husband’s underwear and spank him over my knee with my bare hand. Eventually, I put on my leather gloves so that I don’t hurt myself while in the process of punishing him. With my husband over my knee, his chastity device is closer to my cunt than I usually allow. I make him spread his legs so that his chastity and ass are completely exposed to me while I punish him. I take my hairbrush and start to lay into him with that. I think that my perverted husband likes the attention. I notice that he is leaking pre-cum.

I feel like I’m working too hard with all the hand spanking, so I get some punishment implements. I have so many laying around. I have to do a lot of punishing in my household. I grab a small wooden paddle. I straddle my husband and pin him with my leg while I do my work with the paddle. Then, I grab a nice long bath brush. I give him at least ten good ones with the bath brush while he cries into a pillow. I like when my husband cries. It shows me that he’s sorry.

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I make another quick check of his chastity cage before moving on to the leather strap. It’s clearly turning me on to punish him with the strap. My husband can tell from my breathing that this has become more about my sadistic pleasure than his punishment, and that thought makes him afraid.

I move onto a smooth, round wooden paddle. It’s not as bad as the strap. I’m being very generous with my husband. This implement is like a break. He does not seem grateful. This ingratitude makes me mad. I grab a Lexan paddle. They say Lexan is unbreakable.

By this point, my husband’s ass is very red. I run my fingernails across the hot skin. I decide to use my rubber paddle. No one likes the rubber paddle. The rubber is so heavy, the pain goes past the skin and into the muscle. It’s a much deeper sensation, and I have never found anyone who enjoys it. Once I get going with the rubber paddle, my husband turns into a blubbering mess. He keeps repeating over and over that he’s sorry.

It’s time for a cane. I grab two. One is thin and whippy. The other is thick. Both are long. I alternate between the two. I make him count the cane strokes.

I put my husband in the diapering position with his legs high and straddle his face. I sit on his face while finishing the punishment with a short paddle. His chastity is in full view in this position. I climax on my husband’s face, then go right back in with the paddle to his ass.

When I’ve finished, I admire the marks on my husband’s skin. I cradle his head in my lap satisfied for now that he’s learned a lesson. (26:08 long)

Actress: Mistress Lola. Title and Studio: This Is How You Keep Your Husband In Line Madam Director

Actress: Mistress Lola. Title and Studio: This Is How You Keep Your Husband In Line Madam Director